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Understand the Differences Between Custom, Semi-Custom, and Production Homes

Thinking about what you want and need in a home can be a very time-consuming process. Before deciding if the wet-bar and dance-floor go in the basement, you must first determine the type of home that you want to have built. The type of house chosen and its qualities will play an influential role in the Wyoming home’s structural integrity and resale value. This article will describe the differences between custom, semi-custom, and production homes so that you may have a better idea of which one will be the best fit for you.

Custom Homes

Having a custom home built will confront you with numerous decisions regarding the type of building materials to be used in both the interior and exterior of the house. Essentially all materials that will be used in the construction have different grades of quality. Obviously, the higher grades of material quality are more expensive. Therefore, these decisions that you make will ultimately determine the overall cost and quality of the new home. If you believe you have a lack of knowledge on building grade materials, it will be essential that you read up on the subject before even considering the feasibility of this project. There are a number of books and other materials available that will assist you in this learning process.

Building a custom home will also require you to oversee the hiring of an architect and a general contractor. The architect will be responsible for designing the house around your specifications and the general contractor will supervise the entire construction process. The contractor will also subcontract out various specialized functions to groups such as electricians, roofers, and plumbers. When hiring a general contractor, it is wise to obtain as many references as possible since the entire construction process will literally rest in this person’s building knowledge, experience, and abilities. You should interview at least three general contractors before deciding whom to hire.

Semi-Custom Homes

Although not exactly to your every specification, semi-custom built homes offer plenty of options to meet almost any need or desire that you may have. The firm that will be constructing the home can change practically any aspect of the design with the exception of the load-bearing walls. In fact, you will usually have your choice of five to ten floor plans with a practically limitless selection of upgrades and options.

Semi Custom House

Semi-custom homes also provide an opportunity to have a new home designed without the hassle of trying to find a good general contractor. Most cities of decent size will have at least several semi-custom homebuilders in the area. However, you will want to obtain recommendations from a number of sources to determine who is the most reputable and best suited for your project. Additionally, one the most positive aspects of a custom-home is that you will know exactly how much the house will cost before the builder even breaks ground.

Production Homes

Production homes generally have the lowest cost of the three types of real estate discussed in this article. They usually have a limited number of floor plans and provide very few discretionary options or upgrades. These homes are cheaper because they are mass-produced and go up in large numbers in a very short period of time. However, one should be cautious to automatically assume that the resulting quality will be poor. In fact, many of the subcontractors that work on the custom and semi-custom homes also build the production homes. The true quality of the home ultimately will depend on the superintendent that is in charge of the construction process in Wyoming.

Ultimately, the house type that you choose will depend on how much or how little control you desire to preside over in the design and construction process. Custom homes are generally the most expensive option and require a substantial amount of personal decision-making. On the other end of the spectrum, production homes require very little decision-making and are the least expensive. However, the most important point to remember is that the type of house chosen or the project’s final cost does not necessarily equate to quality construction. Ensuring that you have a competent and reputable general contractor is the true key to home-building success.

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